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Projects that AVIO has created for regional or national broadcast markets.

Cecil County Christmas Parade

Produced in collaboration with the The Pickled Herring Pub AVIO simulcast the Cecil County Christmas Parade on December 6th, 2008. This is an archive recording of the live event.

Pioneer Living Series

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Client: PBS

PBS's 18-part Pioneer Living Series.Hosted by actor Noriyuki "Pat" Morita and featuring reports from several ethnically diverse correspondents, the programs offer looks at the American experience that are designed especially for viewers of non-American origin.

Malibu Filp Flop Camp

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Alan Taylor Agency created a series of “event for broadcast” featuring their client Malibu Rum.

Malibu Rum Product Promotional

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Alan Taylor Agency created an event marketing plan for Malibu Rum to present a million dollar contest in the same completive manor as a nationally televised, popular reality show, Survivor.

The Tilghman Island Bridge

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The Tilghman Island Bridge is a unique relocation project. Bridges play an important roll in the economic and social history of a community. Connecting Tilghman Island to the mainland since 1934, the Tilghman Island Bridge is a landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Places. When the time came for the bridge to be replaced, the community felt it deserved to be preserved.

Italian-American Heritage

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Dom Deluise, Regis Philbin, Joe Montana, Mario Cuomo, Tony Bennett, Jon Bon Jovi and many others celebrate their Italian-American heritage in this PSA series for NIAF, the National Italian American Foundation.


Glendale Road Bridge

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The Glendale Road Bridge is part of a three DVD video series. Created as a collaborated production venture orchestrated by Wallace Montgomery & Associates, an engineering and design firm, along with IA Construction and AVIO Productions. The Glendale Road Bridge was the most challenging production in construction video series because of the location and poor weather conditions.

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