The Tilghman Island Bridge

The Tilghman Island Bridge is a unique relocation project. Bridges play an important roll in the economic and social history of a community. Connecting Tilghman Island to the mainland since 1934, the Tilghman Island Bridge is a landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Places. When the time came for the bridge to be replaced, the community felt it deserved to be preserved. This is the story of the painstaking effort to dismantle the old bridge, replace it with a new bridge; then re-build the old bridge, which can now be seen at the Chesapeake Bay Marine Museum as a part of Maryland's maritime history. The Tilghman Island Bridge is part of a three DVD video series. Created as a collaborated production venture orchestrated by Wallace Montgomery & Associates, an engineering and design firm, along with IA Construction and AVIO Productions. The series is distributed by Chip Taylor Communications and has seen regional airing.